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How to modify LOBO AirGuns Pressure Regulator setup.

Publicado en2 Año hace 6099
How to modify LOBO AirGuns Pressure Regulator setup.

Hello lovers of lead!

We are going to explain how to adjust the setting of the pressure regulator of our air rifles without the need for special tools.

As can be seen in the following graph we see the brass regulating screw and how it affects tightening or loosening it to the regulated pressure.

By tightening the screw, what we achieve is to lower the pressure of the lowering chamber, this will lead to a lower power of the rifle.

By loosening the screw, what we will achieve is to increase the pressure of the lower chamber, with this we will be able to increase the power of the rifle.


To quantify how much we loosen or tighten the pressure regulator screw, we must look at the following graph;

This graph works both ways. If we increase the setting of the regulator we can be guided by this same graph.

It is a quantitative reference, it is not exact. Each pressure regulator can vary its setting differently.

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