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The new AZOR air rifle, designed and manufactured by LOBO AirGuns. Elegant design & high performance. For PCP lovers.
PCP Air rifle  airguns, bullpup style. Hound
Reduced price!-€185.00
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€800.00 €985.00
We proudly show our newest Bullpup design, The HOUND Air Rifle. High performance with compact size. May be the quietest Bullpup on the market
PCP air rifle TORO, from LOBO AirGuns Big Bore
Reduced price!-€100.00
Limited special offer
€895.00 €995.00
Toro, a new PCP high power air rifle. The rifle for the most demanding PCP owners. Toro our newest most powerful air rifle available in caliber .25 and .30. Regulated, with side lever and easy charging port. A...

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