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News 2023

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News 2023

Hound Max PCP AirGun

Introducing the new generation of high-precision and high-power PCP airguns: the PCP Airgun with exceptional features that cater to the most demanding shooting enthusiasts. Available in 5.5mm and 6.35mm calibers, this airgun redefines the standard in terms of performance and functionality.

One of the key innovations is its automatic indexing magazine, designed for a seamless shooting experience. With space for 11 pellets in the 5.5mm caliber and 9 pellets in the 6.35mm caliber, it ensures uninterrupted shooting. The reservoir capacity, with an impressive 550cc, guarantees extended shooting sessions without the need for constant refills.

Precision and power are perfectly balanced thanks to the LOBO pressure regulator. With settings of 130 Bar for the 5.5mm caliber and 140 Bar for the 6.35mm caliber, this regulation system ensures consistent and accurate shots. The built-in pressure gauge allows for constant monitoring of the charge.

Safety and ergonomics have been considered in every detail. The new two-stage adjustable trigger system offers an exceptional feel that enhances the shooting experience. The trigger safety alongside the trigger provides user confidence. The forward-positioned biathlon-style cocking lever adds comfort and ease of use.

Hound Max PCP AirGun

This PCP airgun is not just about power but also smart design. The Quick-Response system allows for instant power adjustment, from 0 up to maximum performance. The 600mm match-quality choked barrel and the shrouded system with AirStripper and semi-silencing function ensure outstanding precision and a quiet shot.

Hound Max PCP AirGun

The anodized matte black 6082 aluminum chassis provides durability and aesthetics. The inclusion of upper and lower Picatinny rails allows for customization with accessories. The adjustable anodized aluminum shoulder plate provides personalized fitting for optimal shooting posture.

With an autonomy of over 200 shots at 24J in the 5.5mm caliber, this PCP airgun showcases its ability for extended shooting sessions. The 1/2 UNF thread at the end of the shroud allows for the installation of moderators or other accessories, offering even more versatility.

In summary, the PCP Airgun with all these features revolutionizes the world of sport shooting. Its combination of power, precision, and functionality makes it an exceptional choice for those seeking the best in performance and shooting experience.

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